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The Nation with Ganon Baker

Coach Mike has teamed up with Ganon Baker by joining The Nation!  The Nation is an elite group of Skill Development Coaches across the globe that work together to improve each other's businesses and in turn those they are helping to develop.

As a part of The Nation, Coach Mike has access a premium online training app to help his players get better anytime and anywhere.  You can learn more about it here:


I would like to think Coach Mike and the Defy Gravity family for improving my son Eric III basketball skills and knowledge. I was very skeptical about letting someone else train my son but Coach Mike won me over. Coach Mike improved my son dribbling and shooting ability but most importantly his drills was gear towards game action. Coach Mike had my son making passes off the dribble and moving without the ball. Coach Mike training and 3 on 3 games was very beneficial to my son basketball development.

Eric Dobson

My son Julian has been working with Coach Mike and his team for the last couple of weeks, before Julian didn’t know the first thing about basketball or what to do with it and has done nothing but improve after each practice. Coach Mike has really brought out the love for the game from my son. He is constantly pushing him to his limits and always encouraging him to keep on going. This is our first season with Defy Gravity and we will be here for many more to come! The dedication and support that Coach Mike and his team show at every practice to these kids really speaks for itself.

Brittany Carvalho

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